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Industrial Wildfire Training

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Industrial Wildfire Training Services

Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental offers a variety of training services to help your company prepare for wildfire events on or near your industrial sites.  We offer a 1 day training course for your front line personnel to safely deal with an industry started wildfire or wildfire in the area of your facilities. The course is brought to you and delivered on site.  We also train supervisory staff to plan and prepare for wildfire events. Test and assess current fire suppression equipment.  Learn to navigate current wildfire danger information provided by the Government to include in your safety briefings and work permits.  Let us help you to protect your company from Wildfire.

Flare Stack Inspections

The most common way the Oil and Gas Industry starts wildfires in Alberta's Grasslands and Forests in through Brush Disposal and Flare Stacks. The Alberta Government can now levy a 1,000,000.00 dollar fine plus fire suppression costs to any corporation that starts a wildfire.  Let Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental, Inspect your Flare Stacks to ensure that they are meeting all the requirements of the Forest Prairie Protection Act. 

Emergency Response Plans

Allow Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental to create or review Emergency Response Plans and Fire Control Plans in the event of a wildfire. A detailed response plan can protect your personnel,  so they know and understand what to do, in what can be a very chaotic situation.  We will make sure all your contacts are current and that your plan is detailed and meaningful. Training is also available to help your staff prepare.