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Industrial Wildfire Training

Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental offers a variety of training services to Alberta's Industrial sectors:

  • One day Industrial Wildfire Training Course
  • Increase Safety of Personnel
  • Reduce Liabilities Through Training
  • Protect Company Assets
  • Understand the Risks of Wildfire
  • Understand Wildfire Legislation
  • Training - Testing - Inspection of Fire Equipment
  • Flare Stack Inspections

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Disposition Inspection Services

Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental offers a variety of Oil and Gas Inspection Services to ensure your company is compliant with current Government Regulations. An Inspection Program is inexpensive to implement and provides valuable information to your company to allow you to make decisions on where to focus your resources. An Inspection Program will be tailored to your companies needs and provide you with the information you desire, in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

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Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental is dedicated to protecting your company 


About Us

Phoenix Wildfire and Environmental is about Protecting Your Company. Protecting your personnel  who work in Alberta's forests and grasslands. Protecting your assets and minimizing down time during a wildfire event. Protecting Your Company from Regulatory penalties, through disposition inspections. Know your liabilities.